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Wallpaper Removal & Installation

Tired of looking at the same wallpaper year after year? Or, is it really torn and must be removed for obvious reasons? Let us make you happy. Assuming you seek experts in wallpaper removal and installation in Toronto, Ontario, we happily inform you that our team is available for such projects.

You can combine having an old wallpaper removed and a new motif installed. But then again, you can book wallpaper removal and wall painting. The important thing is that if you seek wallpaper experts and specialists in such wall decorations and painting services, our company is an excellent choice. At Toronto Painting Contractors, we serve such needs and always do with ultimate professionalism. Should we say more?

In Toronto, wallpaper removal and installation

Wallpaper Removal & Installation Toronto

One possible scenario is that you want wallpaper removal and installation. Toronto contractors are at your service if you are interested in getting a free quote and discussing your needs. Feel free to message or call our team, tell us what you have in mind, and book an appointment. Before you know it, you’ll be talking with a specialized contractor who will provide ideas, quotes, information, consultation, and solutions for your particular case. Also, before you know it, a wallpaper installer will be completing the job to your full satisfaction.

Or, do you want wallpaper removal and wall painting?

The other scenario still involves the removal of the existing wallpaper but this time, wall painting. Chances are high that you have always hated this ugly wallpaper and you are finally happy that it will come down. Chances are also high that your interior style has changed and you don’t want wallpaper anymore. Whatever your case, the appointed pros remove the wallpaper and then finish the wall.

The art of removing wallpaper and finishing walls

Both scenarios include wallpaper removal. It sounds easy, right? You just pull and it comes off. Well, that’s hardly the case. Even the patience of pros who do this job for years is often tested. Seriously now, removing wallpaper involves having knowledge and the right tools to do the job effectively without causing wall damage. That’s one good reason for not bothering yourself but turn to us.

Assuming the wallpaper is removed, now what? Well, whether you want a new wallpaper installed or not, the wall is prepped. All wall blemishes are addressed as needed and the surface is primed.

This is necessary, why, if wallpaper installation follows, you ask? The whole prep phase helps to install wallpaper perfectly. Primers help when it’ll be time to remove wallpaper in the future. It’ll be easier. Naturally, these tasks are necessary if the wall is painted. And if this is what you want, we talk about colors and finish coatings much earlier.

So, that’s it. With experienced painting contractors, Toronto interiors are transformed the way you want them to be. Wallpaper or not, they look and feel fantastic. Since you can easily get a free estimate for the job you want, why don’t you contact us and say if you finally want the wall painted or if you want wallpaper removal and installation in Toronto?